Build Better HVAC Proposals that Close Profitable Installs

Save time and increase close rates by generating in-home proposals
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The Easiest Way to Increase Close Rates

Powerful Proposals: Impress customers with beautifully effective proposals

  • Estimate templates: Build options in under 90 seconds

  • Rich assets: Share detailed descriptions and product images

  • Anytime closes: Close in-person or remotely with digital signatures

Simple Management: Simplicity is at the heart of Onsite

  • Pre-built pricebooks: We do the heavy lifting to build your proposal-ready pricebook

  • Simple onboarding: Under 5 hours of setup with one-on-one support

  • Automatic updates: We keep your prices & product details fresh for you

Powerful Proposals

All of the tools you need to increase close rates and ticket sizes
  • Pre-built Templates: Estimate templates streamline estimating & reduce mistakes

  • Integrated Assets: Performance data, descriptions, and images are included with no effort by you

  • Flexible Proposals: Make quick edits and add upsells during your presentation

  • Easy Approvals: Easily manage payment options and collect digital signatures

Simple Management

Minimal setup and concierge support allow you to focus on running your business
  • Consolidated Data: Pricing & product data are managed by Onsite

  • Pricebook Builder: Your data feeds directly into a pre-built pricebook

  • Concierge Support: Dedicated account managers help you succeed

  • Data Updates: Pricing & product catalog updates are applied by Onsite

Who is Onsite For?

Onsite can help you sell regardless of what tools you currently use:

Pen & Paper

Onsite allows you to provide professional proposals without adding expensive & complex software. Templates allow you to more quickly and accurately build estimates. Equipment performance data and details about the scope will help you prove value to consumers and product details will help you upsell the customer on additional items.

Word Templates

Onsite allows you to provide more visually appealing proposals that you build in minutes instead of hours. Estimate templates mean you don’t have to search through past documents for similar jobs and dynamic controls allow you to more easily add and price items. You can also easily adjust pricing and scope to close the deal.

Field Service Management Software

Onsite is purpose-built for install jobs so you aren’t stuck trying to adapt the tools meant for service work. Simple onboarding and one-step price updates mean you don’t get stuck with months of setup or another out of date system. Onsite proposals provide more flexibility to react to customer feedback with pricing & scope adjustments for complex high-dollar install jobs.

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